Masters National Championship TT – Bend, Oregon – 2011

Submitted by Ron Burgoin

TT Course was 25k, 5 miles out averaging 3% grade, 5 miles back then approximately 6 mile loop with ups & downs and technical corners.

Before heading West, I had my TT bike refitted so it would pass the UCI regulations. This involved changing out my saddle and bringing the TT bars in. Needless to say my perfect fit was now, not so perfect. My saddle was now a brick! Although extremely uncomfortable, I’m glad I made the adjustments particularly where they measured my bike twice before starting. Once the bike was measured for the 2nd time, I wasn’t allowed to leave the fenced in area.

While waiting, I couldn’t help but notice all the State Championship Jerseys. What a starting set up! It had a ramp with a narrow 6′ wide fenced in launch area that went 1/4 mile. I was unfamiliar with the start which brought us through a school parking lot with 4 tight turns. I noticed my power was a little high so had to settle down or I would blow before making the right on the actual course. Once on my way out trying to settle into a rhythm, it seemed I just wasn’t going fast enough, you know when your speed drops enough on a climb and the horseflies are hitting the back of your head, well that’s how I felt but instead of horseflies, I was thinking other riders. I should mention there was a pretty good head wind on our way out. When I made the turn to come back I couldn’t believe there were no riders behind me. The way back was what I hoped it was going to be, fast! The only problem was, I needed to recover some which I was able during one of the steeper sections. I passed my :30 second man before making the right on the 6 mile loop. My fan club, Sherri, Hank & family were waiting at that turn cheering me on, “thank you!”

The loop was just how I described it, but the ups just seemed a little harder. There was one with such a head wind – I thought I was going to stop, at least I hoped it was the wind?! No issues with corners or the rotary. On the way out I noticed my minute man which I was close but couldn’t close in on.

It was a fantastic approach to the finish line, my 6th place on the top 10 leaders board was short lived with a final 16th!

Looking forward to watching Hank win tomorrow and my other two races.

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