Women’s Group

The women’s group was formed in the spring of 2010 and has grown to over an average of 60 members. We are the largest women’s cycling club in Maine, if not all of New England. Many of our women participate in group rides, cyclocross races, road races, criteriums, triathlons, mountain bike races, and charity events.

Group Road Rides

We offer several group rides on the road as outlined on the group ride page.


18 thoughts on “Women’s Group

  1. Susan Wall

    Hi! Could you consider adding Portland Wheelers’ website to your list of links? http://www.portlandwheelers.org
    I am a new Pilot loving the experience of pedaling around those who can’t ride on their own. The power-assist trikes are a huge help! Great volunteer experience – and we don’t go out in the rain!


  2. Mindy Becker

    Hi! I’m new to group riding and would like to join a Saturday ride. Are there shorter routes for beginners? And where do the rides start from? I wasn’t able to tell from the maps.
    Thank you!


  3. Emily Bates

    I just joined PVC! I know strange time of year… I have done some rides with you guys and was going to join in the spring but the clothing order prompted me to do it early as I’d miss out later! Look forward to riding with you all and sporting the new colors! 🙂


  4. Sierra

    Hi! I’m a sophomore at Yarmouth High and I’m interested in cycling with a group. Do I pay the membership fee to ride and become a part of the team?

    (I think my aunt would be interested in joining as well)



    1. Nathaniel

      You can always join one of our rides but we would love to have you become a paid member. If you do you will be able to benefit from all of our sponsors and deals that we provide. Plus the women’s group is one of the largest in the State.


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  6. kelcey1

    Are there 2 Monday night rides happening? Shannon said a faster-paced co-ed ride was starting up this year as well as the women’s recovery ride.


  7. kelcey1

    Are there 2 rides happening Monday nights? Shannon said there may be a faster-paced co-ed group on Mondays as well as the women’s recovery ride.


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  10. Amy O'Donnell

    Hi! I’m interested in joining in on some of the rides. Is there a membership fee and we can simply just show up for the rides? Thanks!


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