Officers and Board of Directors

Nathaniel Smith, President

Vacant, Vice President

Linda Sheehy, Secretary

Ted Darling, Treasurer

Board of Directors:

David Brink

David Beneman

Shelly Holmquist

Paul Niehoff

Chessell McGee

Thom Kespert

Jen Battis

9 thoughts on “Officers and Board of Directors

  1. Marilyn

    Greetings Maine Riders! I’m a tour leader for the Denver Bicycle Touring Club (all volunteers, too) and I’m taking a group of 8 of us to Maine in September (4-13). We’re riding Portland to Bar Harbor. I’m driving my own vehicle out (staying after our tour) and we’re using it to self-transfer our bags from one city to the next (that day’s driver will miss riding). Does your club have any riders or would you know of any others who may be interested in doing our bag transfers with a SAG stop along the way? It would be 5 different days, since we’re staying 2 days in a few towns. We can offer a nominal fee on those days; no overnights and I would transport them back to their vehicle. Thanks for any help. I’m contacting a few other bicycle riding clubs in Maine, too. Marilyn


  2. Bob Cain

    Hi, PVC. I moved from Maine to Georgia, but want to rejoin this great cycling club. I’ll be back in Maine June-Sep 2018. Can I rejoin?
    See you at Cyclemania next week.
    Dave, do you still do the Friday early ride from Cumberland?
    Thanx and Cheers,
    Bob Cain


  3. Craig Damaschi

    Up from Connecticut for vacation this weekend and was wondering if a group ride is going on on 6/25 (tomorrow) and time and meeting place….I usually do my local rides back home in the “b” group…..looking for 20-30 miles….thanks !!


  4. John Kasbohm

    To whom it may concern , I am presently belong to a club in New Hampshire . At the end of the 2014 season this club is going to be disbanded . I am a 50 yr old . Cat 4 crits , circuit and road races . Wondering if your accepting new riders . I live in Dover Nh . Thank you John Kasbohm


    1. Nathaniel

      You can always join PVC and race while wearing our clothing. If you do you join and race you can submit for a race reimbursement. You will also be part of a larger team who will be at numerous races this year.



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