Officers and Board of Directors

Ted Darling, President

Nate Smith, Vice President

Linda Sheehy, Secretary

David Brink, Treasurer

Board of Directors:

Suzanne Brink

Linda Braley

Betsy Perry-Smith

Graydon Stevens

Jane Monaghan


4 Responses to Officers and Board of Directors

  1. John Kasbohm says:

    To whom it may concern , I am presently belong to a club in New Hampshire . At the end of the 2014 season this club is going to be disbanded . I am a 50 yr old . Cat 4 crits , circuit and road races . Wondering if your accepting new riders . I live in Dover Nh . Thank you John Kasbohm


    • Nathaniel says:

      You can always join PVC and race while wearing our clothing. If you do you join and race you can submit for a race reimbursement. You will also be part of a larger team who will be at numerous races this year.


  2. Craig Damaschi says:

    Up from Connecticut for vacation this weekend and was wondering if a group ride is going on on 6/25 (tomorrow) and time and meeting place….I usually do my local rides back home in the “b” group…..looking for 20-30 miles….thanks !!


  3. Dennis Keeler says:

    Ethan, great pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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