Monday Night Rides

PVC offers one Monday night ride:

Women’s Ride

This is our weekly women’s-only recovery-paced ride.   It is our most social ride with an average speed 14-16 mph and several wait spots to maintain the “no-drop” status.   This ride is offered for women who have ridden hard or raced the weekend before, and those new to group riding.  Distance is approximately 16 miles on a loop that includes rolling terrain and hills.  Please make sure you have a road bike in good working condition with drop handlebars and narrow road tires.  Cleated cycling shoes with non-platform pedals are recommended.  Front and rear lights may be required at the beginning and end of the season.

Starts rolling on Monday April 13, 2015 through the last Monday in September.   Meet at Emmaus Lutheran Church, 265 Middle Road, Falmouth promptly at 6pm.  For more information, email Suzanne Brink or Betsy Perry-Smith.

Click here for the route map.

Note: These are road rides so a road bike is required. Tri-bikes are not allowed in group rides for safety reasons.

*Club (or Recreational) Pace: As on all rides speeds can vary greatly based on conditions and terrain but it is reasonable to expect that these rides will average between 16-18 MPH over more than 20 miles. Club pace groups may break up at times, for example on hills, in crosswinds or after long sections at slightly higher speeds. The group will also stop to get back together at relatively frequent intervals if riders have gone off the back of the group. If riders have flats or other mechanicals the group will stop. PVC tries to have a designated ride leader and sweep at every Club Pace ride.  The leader and the riders should work together to make sure that no one rides alone.

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