Wednesday Night Ride

PVC offers two Wednesday night rides:

Developmental Recreational Ride

The Wednesday Night Ride is a tempo* ride that begins at the South Portland High School Parking lot on Highland Avenue at 5:30pm. The route traces much of the same route as the Saturday Morning Ride (SMR), except that we turn left on Pleasant Hill Road, then right on Fogg Road before turning left onto Black Point Road (to avoid evening traffic). The pace from the parking lot to the end of Highland Avenue will be considered warm-up pace. Once the group turns onto Black Point Road, the pace is expected to quicken to emulate the SMR pace. We will regroup at the end of Black Point Road and continue along the route at a pace that will be established by the will of the group. The ride will regroup once again at the intersection of Old Ocean House Rd and Route 77 before the final push down Shore Rd to the Cookie Jar. Sprint for the glory at the end, if you like!

Starts on Wednesday April 15, 2015 from South Portland High School at 5:30 pm. During the summer months, the group will likely continue and repeat the loop at a pace dictated by the group. Contact Ted Darling for more information.

WNR Route Map

Women’s Wednesday Ride

This is a women’s-only training ride for those seeking a little midweek intensity.  Some group riding skills preferred but not necessary.  Recreational pace** over a distance of approximately 30 miles through Falmouth, Cumberland, Windham and Westbrook.  The route includes rolling terrain, climbs and descents with 4 wait spots to allow for regrouping.

Starts on Wednesday April 15, 2015 through the last Wednesday in September at 6pm in Payson Park. Front and rear lights may be required during early and late season.  (For more information, email Linda Braley or Jane Monaghan.)

Click HERE for the route map.

*Intensity (or Tempo) Pace: This is harder than Club Pace.  Riders in these groups should be fit and experienced.  These will average 3 or 4 miles an hour faster than Club Pace.  There likely will not be a designated leader or sweep rider. Riders may get left behind particularly near the end of the ride.  The group may not stop for mechanicals or flats.
**Club (or Recreational) Pace: As on all rides speeds can vary greatly based on conditions and terrain but it is reasonable to expect that these rides will average between 16-18 MPH over more than 20 miles. Club pace groups may break up at times, for example on hills, in crosswinds or after long sections at slightly higher speeds. The group will also stop to get back together at relatively frequent intervals if riders have gone off the back of the group. If riders have flats or other mechanicals the group will stop. PVC tries to have a designated ride leader and sweep at every Club Pace ride. The leader and the riders should work together to make sure that no one rides alone.

Note: These are road rides so a road bike is required. Tri-bikes are not allowed in group rides for safety reasons.

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