Tuesday Night Ride

This is the fastest large group road ride in the state of Maine.  This is not a beginner event (but there will be some short waiting points along the route). All are welcome to attend. The ride is 48.5 miles and covers the bigger hill climbs in Southern Maine. The race pace* (23-27mph+) is close to a Cat III race. Neutral start until Libby’s Ice Cream shop.  Several sprints on this route include town line sprints, top of climb sprints and final Rt. 88 sprint. It is a very fun ride and great for training. The pack is usually 30-40 riders large.

Starts on Tuesday April 7, 2015 through the last Tuesday in August – every week leaving at 5:30pm from Cyclemania. Expect a 3-hour ride. ALL TRAFFIC LAWS OBEYED.

Click HERE for the route map.

Click HERE for Strava Route Map of Short Loop

*Race Pace: This refers to hard efforts for the fittest riders with appropriate bike skills.  Riders are expected to be fully self-sufficient. If you flat, get dropped, or get lost then tough.  This is the level of effort to expect if you join the race team members on a team ride. (Expect no less than a Cat 3 ride level.)

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Ride

  1. mike claus

    Skip out of work early and be at the shop at 5 pm for the long Hill Loop. For now let us go with the 5:00 start time thru April 24th, Then 5:30 on May 1st thru the Summer.

    Reminder to keep it 2 abreast at max. Try for a paceline with short non-monster pulls. If you get tired skip a turn at the back but stay single file unless moving up. When Hank and Jeff get away on Long Hill we hunt them down like the dogs they are. Ride safe, hold your line, yada yada yada. See you tomorrow at 5.

    — Mike


    1. Dana Post author

      Last year, it moved to an official start time of 5:30 on April 27. Prior to that beginning on March 21, it was going out at 5:00. There was nothing particularly official about it.


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