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Saturday Morning Ride Updated Start Time

PVCers and ALL

In efforts to increase the safety of the peloton, pedestrians, traffic and all; the SMR will depart sharply at 7:00 am for the Peak Summer months of July/August starting THIS SATURDAY, July 1st. This is inclusive of both the men’s and women’s rides.

I was contacted by Scarborough Police Officer Peter Nappi who controls the Prouts Neck Area (and also has a bicycle repair kit in the cruiser) with concerns of having the peloton going through there at the time that we do. The concerns presented are that we are a large pack of riders (40-80) and it is the same time that things get going out there at Prouts, i.e. tennis, golf, kids on bikes walkers, etc…

This is the ride we all look forward to every week and I will continue to work with the local towns to keep this ride as safe as possible for everyone … riders, walkers, runners, motorists, etc… We appreciate that Scarborough PD reached out to us to make a suggestion and are willing to work with us to ensure safety for all. They, as well as many others, love to see us parade through their town. But Safety FIRST! Let’s all ride smart!!!!  Thank you for your understanding. See you at the start this Saturday, July 1st, 7:00am.

Please spread the word!!!!!!!!