Saturday Morning Rides

This is a team training ride, open to all and group riding skills are important. The ride is about 30 miles long, departing Cyclemania and goes throughout South Portland and Cape Elizabeth to Prouts Neck and back along the shore. It’s mostly rolling to flat terrain. There are 4 major sprints on the men’s ride: “Prouts Neck”, “Fire Hydrant Hill”, “Inn By the Sea”, and of course the “Cookie Jar”.  This is the largest competitive ride in the state and attracts all major Maine teams, with riders from Bethel, Augusta and York and Cumberland counties.  The men’s ride is an intensity pace* (>23MPH average) and has as many as 75 riders in the summer.

There is also a Saturday women’s only ride that leaves right after the men’s group and follows the same route at intensity pace*.  Average speed on the women’s ride varies from 19 – 22 mph, and group riding skills are important.  For questions about the women’s ride, e-mail Linda Braley.

Starts the first Saturday in March (if roads are clear of snow) through the last Saturday before Thanksgiving; every week leaving promptly at 7:30am.  Expect a 1.5 hour ride and join us post-ride at PVC sponsor Coffee by Design on India Street.

Click HERE for the route map.

Note: These are road rides so a road bike is required. Tri-bikes are not allowed for safety reasons.

*Intensity (or Tempo) Pace: This is harder than Club Pace.  Riders in these groups should be fit and experienced.  These will average 3 or 4 miles an hour faster than Club Pace.  There likely will not be a designated leader or sweep rider. Riders may get left behind particularly near the end of the ride.  The group may not stop for mechanicals or flats.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Rides

  1. Gordon Smith

    My name is Gordon Smith, I am interested in coming out for the Saturday ride. This will be my first time riding in a group. I planned on staying closer to the back so I can learn. However, I am very interested in getting into racing. Can you all send me information about how to join your Yeah? Thank you!


    1. Nathaniel

      Hi Gordan,
      Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to come ride on Saturday mornings. It is fast at times but a good group. The hardest part is actually going over to South Portland. Some actually start at the top of Antoine St in Sopo so that they don’t have to climb the bridge hill. The ride starts at 7:30am at Cyclemania on Cove st. If you are interested in becoming a member of the club you can register online at the following link:
      The club offers great benefits for such a low cost. If you are interested in racing feel free to jump in to one. Currently there is a crit series taking place in Scarborough every Sunday starting at 8am. Masters race first then the 4/5 beginner race which starts around 8:45-8:50am. $25 day of or $20 online. Great race to be your first. Lots of first timers in the beginner race.
      Let me know if you have any questions.


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