Mountain Bike Rides

Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Ride

The Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Ride is new for PVC this season, but has been the regular CycleMania shop ride for the last 10 years. Its pace is the quickest around Portland with some of the region’s fastest racers and assumes that first timers have a decent base level of fitness and technical riding ability. There are brief re-groups at key intersections, but no formal rest stops, and not every rider finishes with the main group. However, the group will wait if there is a crash or flat tire. (It’s not that serious of a ride.) Whether you’re a rider looking a new group with new faces, in search of a ride that’ll push your skills harder, or a racer looking for a fun way to fit in training, the WNR is your ride.

Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM – Dark. Meeting place changes weekly. Call CycleMania for details (207-774-2933) or email Jack Gundling or Sebastian Boyington for more info.

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride

The Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride is new for PVC this year. Unlike the Wednesday Night Ride, it’s designed to finish with the same number of riders it started with. It will be guided by several experienced riders who are there to help keep the group together while creating a fun learning atmosphere as well. It will cater to men and women alike, and only assumes that you have a mountain bike and an enthusiastic disposition for riding it.

The first rides of the season will begin at CycleMania, and will navigate easy to moderate mountain bike trails totaling approximately 10 miles. The venue will change later in the season to Cape Elizabeth, with trails that are slightly more difficult. Whether you’re a road rider looking to mix things up mid-week, a once-was mountain biker looking to get back out there, or just an average rider that isn’t looking to bump elbows with a bunch of racers, this is your ride.

Every Thursday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Leaves from CycleMania. Call CycleMania for details (207-774-2933) or email Jack Gundling or Sebastian Boyington for more info.

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