Men’s Masters

The OA / CycleMania Masters Team

The OA / CycleMania Masters team is sponsored by OA Centers for Orthopaedics and Cyclemania. The team was launched in March 2009 and has competed successfully in masters-level road races, criteriums and stage races throughout the Northeast. Sponsorships have been renewed for 2011, and the team is ready to rock!

Read more about the team in Maine Magazine.


4 thoughts on “Men’s Masters

  1. Ted

    On behalf of the Masters team, I would like to apologize for on-the-road startle by a fellow team member. Sometimes, we assume that others hear us coming from behind, when in fact that may be so. We all benefit when a fellow cyclist says, “on the left” as a way of alerting another rider as to his/her presence. We can all do better.

    Again, my apologies on behalf of the team.


  2. Joseph Lynch

    As a Masters Team member who often rides to Falmouth via Westbrook, I suspect this could have been me. However I do not ever remember passing a fellow rider out of the blue on my bike without a “good day neighbor”. Whether I was in my truck or my bike, I am quite confident I gave you the duly required meter and did not pass with an oncoming car. Remember that it is ALWAYS important to hold your line. Also, please consider that one of us may have said hi from behind you but you did not hear in the wind. I assure you, we are all responsible supportive members of our community. Particularly our cycling community. And, if one of us was in the middle of an interval where we could not manage a “good day”, we still respect and value you as a fellow rider.

    Your neighbor

    Joseph Lynch


  3. Stu

    Common Courtesy!

    We all ride and many of who drive display our “Share the Road” bumper stickers hoping that drivers will realize the roadway is not just for motor vehicles and perhaps grant us a little extra room (or more to the point, the legally required distance) the next time they pass. This is what we hope.

    A stronger word is expect. I and many of the cyclists I know expect a certain amount of courtesy from fellow riders. Today that expectation was not met in the least during my lunch time ride through Westbrook and Falmouth.

    Specifically, one Masters Team member passed very closely on Methodist Road (not a great road to begin wth, sans shoulder) with not so much as a sniff or a cough to let me know he was there! Even in moments of severe oxygen depletion, we are all capable of at least a grunt. Not only was that rude, it was dangerous. I had no idea he was there. Despite my little startle, I still provided a nice “hello”. And off he went with zero acknoledgement of his fellow cyclist.

    Nice work buddy. Hope you enjoyed your ride as much as I did mine.



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