Membership and Kit Order

For 2013, the club will again be offering a subsidized PVC clothing at a heavily discounted price. This is due completely to the generosity of our sponsors, and is greatly appreciated.

(Our 2013 sponsors include OA Centers for Orthopaedics, Mechanical Services, IDEXX, CycleMania, Coffee by Design, Athlete’s Touch and Vont Digital Marketing).

PVC Club clothing is intended for purchase by PVC members only. By placing an order on this page, $30 for club dues will be added to your order, and you will automatically be a PVC member for 2013.

If you have already paid your 2013 dues (we know who you are!), then check the box indicating you have already paid.

We expect clothing to arrive in late April, and it be disbursed from Cyclemania at that time.

Again, you may register for PVC club clothing at from now until February 28, 2013. CLICK HERE to place your order.

1 thought on “Membership and Kit Order

  1. Bob Cain

    Hi, Dana,

    We “met” last summer cruising bikes around the East Beach trail, and you mentioned PVC. I am old and pretty slow (I usually ride with CCCP – Back Bay), but your club has interested me, especially the group and a couple of your rides. I am interested in joining and doing more paceline and group dynamics work. Perhaps leading up to the Time Trial Series. I see where registration runs until 28 Feb 13. Please let me know if it is possible to join, train with the group and enjoy the comraderie.

    PS: I plan to do Friday rides with David (Brink) this year.

    Thanx !

    Bob Cain
    Cumberland Foreside, ME



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