Event Reimbursement 2012

Thanks to the generous commitment of sponsors – OA Centers for OrthopaedicsMechanical ServicesIDEXX LabsCycleManiaAthlete’s TouchCoffee by Design and VONT – and a growing membership nearing 150, we are pleased to introduce a new PVC member benefit for 2012 – Race & Ride Reimbursements as outlined below.

Purpose:To encourage PVC club member participation in races and rides and to maximize both club and sponsor exposure.$5,000 available for distribution throughout the 2012 seasono   Early season: April –June ($1,800 available)o   Summer season: July-September ($1,800 available)o   Fall season: October-December ($1,400)

Members earn a point for each race or qualifying ride

Races include road races, time trials, triathlons, cyclocross, MTB eventso   Qualifying rides include:BCM Maine Women’s Ride (June 3), Trek Across Maine (June 15-17), BCM Maine Bike Rally (July 6-8), BCM Lobster Ride & Roll (July 21), Bike MS: Great Maine Getaway (Aug 4-5), Dempsey Challenge (Oct. 13-14), others?

  • 1-Point earned for each race and ride day when wearing PVC kit. Wearing the PVC clothing is required for reimbursement
  • Proof of payment and participation (honor system)
  • Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 20-days of the end of each season period as defined above. Documentation submitted to designated administrator.   Periodic reminders will be sent out via list serve and Facebook
  • Program administrator will tally all points at end of each submission period, and distribute reimbursements on a prorated basis
  • Total race reimbursement not to exceed $10 per race/ride day.   Excess reimbursement funds will be rolled over to the next season period
  • The OA-CycleMania Masters program maintains a separate race reimbursement program and schedule.
  • Masters may not submit to both PVC and Masters for the same race

CLICK HERE to access the reimbursement form. Please email completed form to: PVCreimbursement@gmail.com.

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