Women’s MNR Update for 4/11

We have a slight change to the women’s MNR. We are going to depart from Falmouth instead of Payson Park, Portland. While we work out arrangements for a starting place we will temporarily depart from the Plummer-Motz School, 192 Middle Rd. (corner of Lunt and Middle), Falmouth. You can either drive or bike there easily from Portland. Ride will depart PROMPTLY at 5:30. Subsequent weeks will probably be moved to 6pm with later sunset, but stay tuned for confirmation.

Our route will be approximately 20 miles, traveling up Woods/Woodville/Winn to Range Road/Bruce Hill and back via Blanchard and Tuttle Roads with a turn onto Harris Road to the end, across Rte 1, through the woods (yes, the woods, but don’t worry, it’s great!) and back out onto Woodville/Woods and back to the school.

Again, pace will be approximately 14-16mph average. We will look for experienced riders to buddy up with those not familiar with group riding or the route so no one gets lost or left behind. Instruction on group riding etiquette for newcomers is encouraged.

If anyone is inclined, drinks will be at Foreside Tavern after the ride. Perhaps it will even be warm enough to sit outside on the patio!

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