Spring Fever or Early Senility?

The rain drops started just moments after a dozen or so hardy souls took to the road for the first PVC Saturday Morning Ride of 2011. PVC SMR road conditions

While the thermometer cracked 37 degrees (warm, given recent temps), the wind, rain and 2-foot+ snow pack made sure that the riders suffered. And if the weather was not enough, some of the big engines showed up to put the hurt on the group.

PVC SMR AnthoineBack from his recent San Diego training camp, CycleMania’s David Brink made an early showing leading the group up the hill on Anthoine. Looking strong, Dave! But by the time the group hit the first sprint of the year at Prout’s Neck, Aaron Buterbaugh and Graydon Stevens battled for the prize with Aaron taking it on the line.  Apparently, this was revenge for Aaron who noted, “last year, a silver fox flew by me with about 50m to the line and said, ‘You’ve got to keep going hard.’” We all know the ‘silver fox.’Old Ocean House Road on the opening PVC SMR

By the time the small pack hit the turn from Blackpoint Rd to Route 77, the group started to shatter with strong man Brink going off the back with a few others who were unable to hang onto Fred Thomas’ and Jeff Fisher’s wheels. Graydon was there. Sam Robinson was there. Chris Darling was there, as was a Linscott rider, who we note was NOT Brian.

By the time the group hit the Old Ocean House climb, only nine of the original riders remained. The Cookie Jar waited in the distance for the first ‘winner’ of the prestigious PVC SMR. And the winner was …

You’ll have to watch the video on the PVC Facebook Page!

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