PVC Member Meeting Recap

The Portland Velo Club convened its annual membership meeting this past Tuesday evening, February 8 at CycleMania. Over 40 members and prospective members were in attendance to enjoy pizza, PBRs, social time and to conduct the business of the club. During the “business” portion of the meeting, the members unanimously approved the slate of directors and officers nominated to the PVC Board of Directors.
Dana McEwan, Chris Karam and Ted Darling provided the following updates to the club. Dana introduced the new website, which includes updated information about the various rides being offered by PVC this year. Group rides include the traditional men’s and women’s Saturday Morning Rides and the Tuesday Night Ride as well as new Monday Night Rides and Wednesday Night Rides, which are designed as either recovery rides or as development rides for club members seeking to improve their cycling skills. Many of the rides feature up-to-date course maps, and the balance of the rides will be updated with maps soon. Dana also encouraged interested members to submit articles to the new website, which is an easy-to-use blog format. If you would like to offer a regular or even periodic group ride, please give us seven days notice, and we will post your ride to the website and to the facebook page.
Ted shared that PVC had recently introduced the Portland Velo Club Facebook page as a means of keeping members up to date on a daily and weekly basis. Only two weeks old, the page currently has 80 “likes.” Please like us and stay current on club news!
Chris let the group know that a new uniform with new sponsors was on the drawing board for the 2012 season. We will be looking for a minimum of two-year sponsorship commitments. If you know of any businesses that wish to correlate its brand with the PVC brand – an aspirational brand stands for fast bicycle riders – please let us know. In the meantime, some uniform overstock is available at the shop (please visit CycleMania), while a new order for the 2010 kit in yellow and blue will be offered for 2011. Details to come.
Dana reminded the group that PVC provides members with many volunteer opportunities to contribute to the local cycling community. From leading rides to volunteering at races, club members are encouraged to participate when opportunities arise. We will keep members up-to-date via email and facebook.
Towards the end of the meeting, Ted opened up the floor to the group to offer ideas as to how PVC might be improved. The following suggestions where offered: Paceline work; Supporting a Junior development group; Member barbecue; Ride etiquette; Charity rides. If you have other suggestions, please do not hesitate to add your comments below.

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One Response to PVC Member Meeting Recap

  1. Dana says:

    We were also remiss in mentioning the recent addition of some women to the club that primarily ride mountain bikes. They offer a weekly Thursday ride in Cape Elizabeth, though sometimes they venture off to ride other routes. You can check out information on this ride on the women’s page. We will dedicate another page for MTB rides so if anyone has a regular ride they lead, let me know so we can get it on this page. Please check back for that page to be updated.


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